Protected: Express-CFR

COM Express Basic Size Type 6 Module with Hexacore Mobile 9th Gen Intel Xeon, Core, Pentium and Celeron Processors


  • PICMG COM.0 R3.0 Type 6 module with 45W/25W hexacore and quad-core Intel processors
  • Up to 96GB* Dual Channel DDR4 at 2133/2400 MHz in up to three SO-DIMM sockets (*under validation)
  • Three DDI channels, one LVDS, supports up to 3 independent displays (VGA, eDP by build option)
  • One PCIe x16 Gen3, eight PCIe x1 Gen3 (NVMe SSD & Intel Optane Memory Technology support)
  • Extreme Rugged operating temperature: -40C to +85C (build option, selected SKUs)
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    The ADLINK Express-CFR is a COM Express COM.0 R3.0 Basic Size Type 6 module supporting the hexacore (6 cores) 64-bit 9th Generation Intel Core and Xeon processor (codename Coffeelake Refresh-H) with Mobile Intel QM370, HM370, CM246 Chipset.

    The Express-CFR has up to three SODIMM sockets supporting up to 96GB of DDR4 memory (two on top by default, one on bottom by build option) while still fully complying with PICMG COM.0 mechanical specifications.

    Modules equipped with the Xeon processor and CM246 Chipset support both ECC and non-ECC SODIMMs.

    ADLINK Express-CFR-E-2276M/32G
    Basic size type 6 COM Express module with 9th Intel Xeon E-2276M hexa core processor at 2.8/4.5GHz with CM246 chipset, with 32GB DDR4 2400 ECC memory installed & tested.

    ADLINK Express-CFR-i7-9850HL
    Basic size type 6 COM Express module with 9th Intel Core i7-9850HL hexa core processor at 2.7/4.4GHz with QM370 chipset, 3 SO-DIMM

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