Distribution & Warehousing

OEM and program-based customers can improve efficiencies while reducing risk with our dedicated distribution and warehousing resources.
Lead Time Reduction

If manufacturer lead times do not match-up with your forecasting and buying windows, we can stock inventory that bridges the gap. This allows you to meet your delivery dates without having to take on increased inventory liability. This includes both board-level and configured systems.

Vendor and Purchase Order Reduction Services

Being able to order multiple products on one purchase order helps reduce both vendor and purchase order count.


Because we distribute for limited manufacturers and to select customers, we are able to maintain daily order status communications with our manufacturers and have the ability to access worldwide inventory locations.

Extended EOL Program

Customers of our distribution and warehousing services also have access to our Extended EOL Program that offers up to two years of product availability after the official EOL.

Safety Stock Program

OEM customers can have demand cycles that fluctuate and are difficult to forecast and order to. We offer a safety stock program that provides additional stock, over and above scheduled pull dates.  

Related Services

Design, Integration and Testing

For requirements that cannot be met with an off-the-shelf product, we offer modified and custom design capabilities in order to provide a perfect fit solution.

COTS Obsolescence Management

We can help you to protect against unexpected discontinuances and changes. 


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