About Us

Trusted Partner

Our long history in helping customers design-in standards-based technology makes us sensitive to critical factors involved in selecting the most appropriate architectures and products for your application.

We combine our unique problem solving skillset, and our knowledge of rugged hardware and technology to develop and deliver the best possible embedded solutions for your applications.

Our customers require multi-sourced technology and long lifecycles, which is why we only use products based on open system industry standards from manufacturers with a demonstrated commitment to extended availability.

To support our customer’s technology selection process, we provide:


  • Local product managers who are continuously trained in both technology architectures and our specific product lines.
  • Application engineering support that is specific to each of our product lines.
  • Customer specific technology update sessions, conducted both on-site and online, that offer technology-specific updates tailored exclusively to your needs.
  • Modified off-the-shelf products to help customers achieve a perfect fit solution when required.
  • Local stock for evaluation, for time-sensitive projects.
  • Access to experts. Our product management team has direct access to our in-house engineers as well as our product line CTOs. We offer face-to-face and web-based project-specific conferences.
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